PepperGlen Farm Facility Usage


Use of Facility

Anyone may come and ride at a cost of $15.00 per day per horse. You have full access to the facility except stalls.  Stalls are an additional fee.  Please see the schedule of fees below.  

Any person riding or handling a horse at the facility must complete a "Release of Liability" form upon arrival at the facility (prior to riding or working horse). Blank forms are kept in the main barn in a binder. Please file the signed form in the binder by last name.  Forms are valid for 1 year.  Any person riding or handling a horse without the form will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return.  

Riders and handlers must also sign the "Facility Usage" form hanging in the barn near the pay box.  This must be done every time the facility is used, before riding.



Trainers may coach/teach their clients for No additional fees, however the trainer MUST have a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" naming PepperGlen Farm, LLC as an additional insured.  Upon receipt of the Certificate of Liability, it will be placed in the binder in the main barn.  At that point, the trainer is allowed to coach/teach clients at no additional charge until the expiration date on the certificate.  Any trainer or person coach or teach without a valid certificate will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return. 



Stalls are available for shows, clinics and overnight.

(8) Barn Stalls -  (12x12) Box stalls with(14x20) paddocks. Box stalls have closable door to paddocks and welded wire panels - $25/day

(16) Mare Motel stalls - (18x36) Partially covered, welded wire panels - $15/day

 (8) Shed Row Stalls - (12x36) Box stalls with welded wire outdoor runs. Box stalls do not have closable doors to runs. - $20/day

(10) Day Stalls - (12x12) Pipe corrals - $10/day

All stalls have automatic waterers and feed bins EXCEPT the day stalls.

Reservations are not necessary unless you are bringing more that 5 horses and/or want specific stalls.  For stall information, please contact Lori Fairchild at 951-817-1794 or

Facility Rental

PepperGlen Farm is available to rent for clinics, shows and other events.  For more information please contact Lori Fairchild at 951-817-1794 or email

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Entrance and Parking

Trailer entrance for PepperGlen Farm is off California Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets.  Look for the big green PepperGlen Farm sign.  Please make sure to shut the gate when you enter and leave.

We have a large parking lot for trailers and plenty of room to turn around.

On show days, vehicles NOT pulling trailers are NOT allowed to park in the trailer parking area.  This is for safety reasons.  We want horses tied to trailers to have plenty of room.  Parking spaces are available toward the back of the property, along the chain link fence near the jump storage area.